Labbit™ emerged, fully formed, from the forehead of Zeus in a bar in Japan in 1996…
and ended up as a scrawled ballpoint pen drawing on a beer coaster. Many people observed this drawing and immediately demanded one...however, back then, Labbit ™ was actually Rabbit ... and therein lies a tail ... er ... tale.

During the late 90’s the Proto-Labbit™ was featured on a few products manufactured by and released by Kozik's label, Man’s Ruin Records. The character appeared on Zippos lighters, glass ashtrays, plastic lunchboxes and as stickers. In 1998 a small hand made run of lumpy resin ones was produced and sold in Japan.

Fast forward to the year 2000 and a visit to Bounty Hunter Headquarters in Tokyo, where Kozik was offered a collaboration to produce the Smokin’ Rabbit character as a urban vinyl toy with Bounty Hunter...when he received the finished toys (which, by the way, he couldn’t even seem to give away), they had Japlished the character's name to "Smorkin' Labbit™". Now, this was so Genius...so...EPIC in scope that he immediately decided that this indeed should be the character's real name..and thus History was made.

In 2003, when the Urban Vinyl toy phenomena finally hit in the US, Kozik teamed with the then new Kidrobot to further develop and bring you LABBIT™ in his bewildering and delightful array of sizes, style and personalities. To date over 150 different iterations of Labbit™ exist...and this is just the beginning.

Labbit™ Attributes:

  • Addiction to candy cigarettes and beef jerky.
  • Allergic to work in any form.
  • Prefers the term ‘big boned’ rather than ‘fat as a pig’
  • NOT a team player.
  • Borderline personal hygiene issues.